kPa Bags Limited

Bags that won't let you down, when it matters.

Having had experience of working within the Bio-science industry for several years now, our team understand the restrictions and difficulties encountered when shipping UN3373 or Exempt Human Specimen.

KPA Bags Limited are a newly founded company with one key objective, that objective?

To provide quality products at an affordable rate.

Having been a purchaser of these bags for several years we have seen prices ever increasing and want to help consumers with this problem.

KPA Bags Limited specialise in kPa 95 bags, absorbent towels and any UN3373 specific products for shipping purposes.


Our products comply with the Danger Goods Regulations and comply with IATA, ADR and MHRA requirements.

We hold international accounts with DHL & specialist shippers such as World Courier. 

We also work alongside UK couriers such as Royal Mail and ParcelForce who all recognise our products as compliant for shipping through their lanes.

We take very seriously the safety and security for not only your specimens and shipments but also the individuals handling these shipments.

From first hand experience we know the importance of having fit for purpose products which are suitable for shipping your bio material.


We pride ourselves in knowing our products are the best within the market and are tested at 95 kPa unlike many of the competition, our bags are also deemed suitable under ADR.

We'll not only help provide you with products we'll even give you guidance on shipping should you require it.

Who Are We?


kPa Bags Limited
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